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Apples: The Fruit That Keeps The Doctor Away

Posted by Admin on October, 22, 2021

An edible fruit grown in a tree belonging to the Malus family is called Apple. The Apple trees or Malus domestica are largely grown almost all over the world. The cultivation of apples originated in Central Asia. It was then pretty common in the Asian and European continent, later these fruits were traded and sent to North America.

The seed of this fruit is somewhat different from other seeds. Hence apple cultivars follow the practice of clonal grafting. The grafting is done on the rootstocks, without which the tree generates a tendency of producing fruit very slowly.


A raw apple bears a water content of about 86 per cent and carbohydrates of about 14 per cent. The fat and protein content is pretty negligible. 100 grams apple with skin provides about 52 calories and dietary fibre moderately. Apples are rich in simple sugars, for example, sucrose, glucose and fructose.

Apples are recommended as a good source of vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is considered one of the common antioxidants present in fruits. Potassium is the most common and important mineral found in apples.

Health Benefits

Apples are an exceptionally healthy fruit that is very common and widely consumed by most of the people on the Earth and for good reasons.

  • Apples are one of the ideal fruits for losing weight. This fruit mostly contains water and fibre that helps the consumer feel full. Studies show that people starting meals with an apple consume 200 calories less than usual. This leads to weight loss in people. This feature is evident only through raw apples and not its products like apple juice or apple sauce.
  • Apples have a positive effect on the heart. The soluble fibre in apples helps lower the risk of any kind is cardiac disease. The apple skin contains antioxidant effects through polyphenols. Epicatechin is a variety of this polyphenol which is also responsible for reducing the level of blood pressure levels. Another component in apples, called flavonoids, reduces bad cholesterol.
  • Apples also play a role in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. The polyphenols content in apples stops the damage of tissues of beta cells in the pancreas. The beta cells produce secrete insulin which controls the blood sugar levels.
  • The fibre pectin, present in apples, which behaves as a prebiotic feeds the good bacteria which are present in the guts. Hence consumption of apples has a protective effect against type 2 diabetes, obesity and several heart diseases.
  • The antioxidants in apples also help in the protection of the lungs from any kind of oxidative damages. Consuming about 15 percent of apples every day might reduce the risk of the asthmatic condition by 10 per cent. The flavonoid quercetin in apple skin controls the immune system and also lowers inflammation. This way asthma and any allergic reactions are discouraged by apples.
  • Apples possess several compounds that occur naturally, like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects that help fight cancer. Various studies have concluded that the consumption of apples in a certain amount lowers the death rate from cancer and the risk of cancer itself.
  • Fruits in the everyday diet help in good bone health. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds in any fruit promote bone strength and bone density. Studies have revealed this quality in apples to a higher extent. Consumption of apples leads to less loss of calcium from the bones.

Kinnaur Apples

A variety of apples originating from Himachal Pradesh is called Kinnauri apple. These apples are famous for their sweet taste, succulence, colour and elongated shelf life. These apples are cultivated and grown at an altitude of 10000 feet from sea level. This Apple variety happens to be the most premium variety grown in India. The main season of distributing and selling Kinnauri apples are in september end.

Because these apples are cultivated at such a height above ground level, these plants require no chemicals or pesticides. Hence these apples are naturally organic. No use of any harmful chemicals makes these Kinnaur Organic Apples last longer than other varieties.

Trade and Commerce

There are various companies in India that are engaged in supplying good quality Kinnaur organic apples. They lend prompt logistic services of doorstep delivery so that the customers can enjoy the freshness of the fruit. Kinnaur Organic Apples Supplier offers its customers apples with shiny skin which ensures taste.

The organically cultivated fruits these companies provide comes with a shelf life of 1 month and with a bright red hue. These fruits are sold packed in paper bags for maintaining ultimate hygiene. They maintain a maximum packaging size of 25kg.

The taste of ripe apples along with their nutritious values together creates a heavenly experience for the consumers. The juicy bites of this fruit provide fine satisfaction for the taste buds. Apple has been one of the most liked fruits for people all around the world.

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